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Dr. Kenneth W. KROSS

Ear-Nose and Throat Surgeon

Welcome to the website of Docter Kenneth W. Kross Ear-Nose and Throat surgeon and cosmetic doctor.

For a health professional it is of eminent importance to give patients the best care possible. Here you can get acquainted with your doctor and you will find information on the treatments avaible in the practice.

This concerns (surgical) treatments of diseases in the ENT area but also cosmetic treatments of the face to delay the visible aging-process. For the cosmetic treatments so-called “fillers” (hyaluronic acid) are used which add more volume to the skin. Furthermore, botulinum toxine is used to fade wrinkels. Our objective is to give you a beautiful and natural look.

You are most welcome to combine your holiday in France with a treatment so you look even better when returning to your country.


Dr. Kenneth W. Kross - Chirurgien ORL et Cervico-Faciale a Moulins

Consultations :

Monday to Thursday: Policlinique Saint Odilon in Moulins (dep. Allier)

Friday: 2 Rue Maurice Dupont (la mairie), Saint Gérand le Puy (next to the village hall)

For ENT consultations at the Polyclinique Saint Odilon please cick here.

When interested in a consultation for Esthetic Medecine, please use the contact form.

Dr. Kenneth W Kross, chirurgien ORL, cervico-faciale, médicine esthétique


France :
l’Ordre National des Médecins au tableau du Conseil Départemental de l’Allier, number : 3356
Specialisation : Consultant Ear-Nose and Throat / Head and Neck Surgery
Registration: 2016

The Netherlands :
BIG Registration number : 99047016001
Specialisation : Consultant Ear-Nose and Throat / Head and Neck Surgery. Society for ENT and Head and Neck Surgery: Head and Neck Oncological Surgeon.
Registration : 2006

Norway :
HPR-numéro : 7101147
Specialisation : Consultant Ear-Nose and Throat/Head and Neck Surgery.
Registration : 1998

Dr Kross speaks Dutch, French, English, Norwegian and German

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